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Loving the Age Difference Between Mads & Grey

I absolutely love watching these two become the best of friends!! It’s so sweet to see them develop such a bond that I pray continues forever! Honestly, this is a realtionship that I had hoped for but wasn’t sure how’d it develop (between the age differnece & the gender differnce) haha I could not have been more wrong!

Mads was a few weeks shy of her fourth birthday when she became a big sister! A role that she took on so gracefully! From day one she has been sweet, attentive but most of all forgiving, little brothers are crazy 😜!!

At the beginning the best part about the age difference was how independent she was, allowing me to focus more on Grey! Now that she is six & Grey is two there are SO many reason why I love the gap!! But my top three are:

Being able to have one on one with grey like I did with mads!

Grey follows in his big sisters foot steps which is not only adorable but extremely helpful at times!!!!

One toddler at a time!!!😜 **Major major respect for all those mamas with multiple toddlers!! You ladies rock!!😘

Toddler ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 yup look at his face!! It’s a good thing he’s so stinkin cute….

What is the age difference between your kids?! Do you love it? Wish you waited? Talk to me friends!!!


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Strawberry Picking

One of our absolute favorite places to visit is Lyman’s Orchard. We love that it is under ten minutes from our house & they always have a pick your own fruit in season! Today we picked some strawberries and they were seriously so delicious. daddy was able to sneak away for lunch so we made it a family affair . We have SO many strawberries, any favorite recipes we should try?!


perfectly imperfect 

it seriously amazes me how perfectly God planned it all, how somehow I met this boy from Belize & feel in love almost 9 years ago, and now we walk the same streets I did as a kid with our own two littles💕so incredibly thankful for our perfectly imperfect life. we had a busy day with work, chores & errands. so ending the night with a yummy bite to eat down the street on main was just what we needed!!


First pool day of the year 

The past few days it has been in the mid to upper 80s! I swear Mother Nature has been all over the place the last few weeks, but finally we had some warmer temps!!! Perfect excuse for an early dismissal & a dip in memes pool! 


Pepere lou is up visiting from Florida which means my kids will have similar pool memories with him just like I did as a kid in the summer!! How lucky are we!! Oh & of course a little certain someone decided to end the eventful day streaking like it was his job 🙈 this little boy of mine! 

💕 N

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grey & mommy | 6.13.17

Grey loves being outside more then anything. He is very much part wild animal & needs to beable to Rome free🙈 I was working on watering my flowers (one of my favorite summertime chores) when grey came to “help”! 

grey thought he was fast enough to get me….son! I’ll always be faster then you 😜

This is a perfect capture of what happens when Grey realizes I’m going to “win” at whatever thing he’s trying to attempt to do to me! He immediately starts to smooze me.

& I love it all. beautiful days like today make me so incredibly thankful. 

Oh… yeah and he ALMOST got me back with a revenge attack but.💗​ 


twenty eight 

this past weekend was a good one. From Friday nights fsnuky festivities at my moms to a day filled with snuggles & sticky kisses from my crew I truly enjoyed my birthday weekend! it was so sweet to have so many sweet messages, texts & calls, definitely made me feel special! Thank you all who wished me 😘​