Durham Fair | September 2017

Everywhere since Mads was one we’ve gone to the Durham fair as a family! This just happens to be my favorite fair from when I was a kid! I have always loved the fair, however enjoying it with my kids is SO much more fun! The kids love playing the games! I was explaining to them that they each could pick a game to play together and Mads very excitedly said well that means we get two games, sounds good! She cracks me up!

One of my favorite things about going to the fair every year is seeing which new rides the kids are tall enough for! Last year grey was heartbroken he was too small for the bee ride! For some reason Mads remembered this and they spoke about it before we arrived at the fair! It was SO exciting to see his face when he realized he was in fact BIG enough for this bee ride!! His face in the snaps below say it all! 

Of course we all enjoye the dragon roller coaster! Best ride at the fair🍂

Thanks for reading, why fairs are your favorite?! Maybe we’ll go check it out! Happy Sunday friends!



Boston | September 2017

This past weeekend we took a two hour car ride to Boston! I seriously adore this city! The buildings are some of my favorite ever and the pond in Boston commons gives me all the feels! We went with my family which always makes it easier with the littles in tow! We spent the majority of our day in Boston commons! We walked the park, checked out all the homes surrounding the park( which is seriously my favorite thing to do when visiting) we enjoyed our coffee while the kids played on the play ground before heading to the carasoul! 

After all the walking we needed something yummy so we went to this delicious & adorable chocolate shop! 

We had such a fun time touring the city with everyone! Can’t wait to plan our next visit! 


Lyman’s | September 2nd 2017

It has been a while since I posted here! Still need to document our Belize trip! Anyway! Today we went to Lyman’s to pick some apples & check out these flowers 🌻! The kids were extra goofy making it for an interesting & funny outing! Grabbed a ton of apples 🍎 both to eat & to turn into a pie! Mads is so excited for apple pie, she even started to shave some of the apples! Ashes joined us & took home just as many apples 🙈 so they’re making crisp! & im hoping we can exchange?! Then we checked out the 🌻! Connecticut is SO beautiful in September, especially with high 60s during the day! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend ❤️


Family visit to the Orchards 

We are so lucky to live so close to Lyman’s Orchard! Every summer and fall we are able to visit at least once a week to pick our own fruit for the week! This time of year they have the most delicious blueberries, raspberries and of course peaches! The kids love running up and down the orachard fields and I love watching them exert all that energy! He kids were extra excited as was I that daddy was able to join us on his lunch break! (Major perk to having him work from home two days a week) 


Grey turns Three

The years seriously fly once you become a mom! Like wow. My baby is THREE! 

I think one of my favorite things about being s mom is making my own traditions with my kids! Since I was little people always told me I made birthdays a BIG deal! When I first met my husband he called me the birthday bandit, I think it’s because we had only been dating a week or two and his mom & I pulled off a huge surprise party for him! Anyway, my point being that I like making birthdays an all day event! The first tradition is the number balloon to match the age they’re turning! As well as a few balloons blown up in their current favorite color! They LOVE waking up to a room filled with balloons & my husband loves blowing them up 🙈 so it is a win win! (Ha ha sorry babes) 

Another little tradition I started was pancakes with candles for breakfast! Even my hubs looks forward to this! ​


He asked for a real pet dinosaur so my husband found this cute blue one that walks & had a few actions too!! He even came with a bone to play fetch with! Super cute & under $20!!

To say Grey loved his shirt is an understatement! Carters had a few really adorable dinosaur tshirts, so we grabbed two and these comfy yet stylish shorts! His silly personality seriously is the best! His stubbornness on the other hand!!! 

The dinosaur place exceeded our expectations! Grey couldn’t contain his excitement & enthusiasm during our trail with all the dinosaurs. the park had an awesome playground & a fun bounce house as well! However the splash pad was 👌🏻 seriously best one we’ve been too!!

​​​we ended our visit with ice cream because who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day!!The kids feel asleep on the way home, and grey even transferred over to his bed! Which allowed me time to make his birthday cake! He requested a chocolate and dirt cake with dinosaurs, LOTS & LOTS of dinosaurs! So I did my best & think he liked it! 

All in all it was a SUPER fun day filled with nothing short of an adventure for our little boy! 

Grey,You truly completed our family three years ago! You are such a fearless little boy who looks at the world as his own adventure! As much as this characteristic scares me now, I hope you continue to explore this his world in a positive way! Snuggle always, I can not explain our bond in words, but the way we snuggle, the way you always rub my chin with your little hand. Or how you rub my hand with your thumb when we hold hands, seriously I have always done that to you and mads, and having you do it back to me, my wild little boy, seriously melts me. Love you!


perfectly imperfect 

it seriously amazes me how perfectly God planned it all, how somehow I met this boy from Belize & feel in love almost 9 years ago, and now we walk the same streets I did as a kid with our own two littles💕so incredibly thankful for our perfectly imperfect life. we had a busy day with work, chores & errands. so ending the night with a yummy bite to eat down the street on main was just what we needed!!


First pool day of the year 

The past few days it has been in the mid to upper 80s! I swear Mother Nature has been all over the place the last few weeks, but finally we had some warmer temps!!! Perfect excuse for an early dismissal & a dip in memes pool! 


Pepere lou is up visiting from Florida which means my kids will have similar pool memories with him just like I did as a kid in the summer!! How lucky are we!! Oh & of course a little certain someone decided to end the eventful day streaking like it was his job 🙈 this little boy of mine! 

💕 N