Family visit to the Orchards 

We are so lucky to live so close to Lyman’s Orchard! Every summer and fall we are able to visit at least once a week to pick our own fruit for the week! This time of year they have the most delicious blueberries, raspberries and of course peaches! The kids love running up and down the orachard fields and I love watching them exert all that energy! He kids were extra excited as was I that daddy was able to join us on his lunch break! (Major perk to having him work from home two days a week) 


Grey turns Three

The years seriously fly once you become a mom! Like wow. My baby is THREE! 

I think one of my favorite things about being s mom is making my own traditions with my kids! Since I was little people always told me I made birthdays a BIG deal! When I first met my husband he called me the birthday bandit, I think it’s because we had only been dating a week or two and his mom & I pulled off a huge surprise party for him! Anyway, my point being that I like making birthdays an all day event! The first tradition is the number balloon to match the age they’re turning! As well as a few balloons blown up in their current favorite color! They LOVE waking up to a room filled with balloons & my husband loves blowing them up 🙈 so it is a win win! (Ha ha sorry babes) 

Another little tradition I started was pancakes with candles for breakfast! Even my hubs looks forward to this! ​


He asked for a real pet dinosaur so my husband found this cute blue one that walks & had a few actions too!! He even came with a bone to play fetch with! Super cute & under $20!!

To say Grey loved his shirt is an understatement! Carters had a few really adorable dinosaur tshirts, so we grabbed two and these comfy yet stylish shorts! His silly personality seriously is the best! His stubbornness on the other hand!!! 

The dinosaur place exceeded our expectations! Grey couldn’t contain his excitement & enthusiasm during our trail with all the dinosaurs. the park had an awesome playground & a fun bounce house as well! However the splash pad was 👌🏻 seriously best one we’ve been too!!

​​​we ended our visit with ice cream because who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day!!The kids feel asleep on the way home, and grey even transferred over to his bed! Which allowed me time to make his birthday cake! He requested a chocolate and dirt cake with dinosaurs, LOTS & LOTS of dinosaurs! So I did my best & think he liked it! 

All in all it was a SUPER fun day filled with nothing short of an adventure for our little boy! 

Grey,You truly completed our family three years ago! You are such a fearless little boy who looks at the world as his own adventure! As much as this characteristic scares me now, I hope you continue to explore this his world in a positive way! Snuggle always, I can not explain our bond in words, but the way we snuggle, the way you always rub my chin with your little hand. Or how you rub my hand with your thumb when we hold hands, seriously I have always done that to you and mads, and having you do it back to me, my wild little boy, seriously melts me. Love you!


perfectly imperfect 

it seriously amazes me how perfectly God planned it all, how somehow I met this boy from Belize & feel in love almost 9 years ago, and now we walk the same streets I did as a kid with our own two littles💕so incredibly thankful for our perfectly imperfect life. we had a busy day with work, chores & errands. so ending the night with a yummy bite to eat down the street on main was just what we needed!!


First pool day of the year 

The past few days it has been in the mid to upper 80s! I swear Mother Nature has been all over the place the last few weeks, but finally we had some warmer temps!!! Perfect excuse for an early dismissal & a dip in memes pool! 


Pepere lou is up visiting from Florida which means my kids will have similar pool memories with him just like I did as a kid in the summer!! How lucky are we!! Oh & of course a little certain someone decided to end the eventful day streaking like it was his job 🙈 this little boy of mine! 

💕 N


twenty eight 

this past weekend was a good one. From Friday nights fsnuky festivities at my moms to a day filled with snuggles & sticky kisses from my crew I truly enjoyed my birthday weekend! it was so sweet to have so many sweet messages, texts & calls, definitely made me feel special! Thank you all who wished me 😘​


I’ve waited my whole life for this season! How do I say goodbye?

As a child, we all spent time dreaming of what our future would be! There is a time I’m sure most of us can say we KNEW what we wanted to “be” in life! For me, this was pretty much the same from elementary school all the way up to graduating high school! I wanted to get married & raise my littles!! 

Fast forward to my twenty seven year old self, mommy to a six year old & two year old! These past six, almost seven years have been the absolute BEST of my life! Yet, here I sit, filling out my babies preschool enrollment form! I will have an EMPTY house two mornings a week! Of course it will be nice some days to be able to sip my coffee hot! Or finish work before everyone else is asleep! But in the big picture…. How do I say goodbye?

I have had a baby in my arms or hanging on my leg every day for the past SEVEN years! These are MY years! The years that make me feel all the feels! There were SO many first! Moments that significantly shaped me as not only a mom, but as Nikki! How do I say goodbye?

If I’m being completely honest I didn’t love being pregnant like some! It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t have easy “normal” pregnancies, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it! However, the moment I fist felt mads kick…. One of  those moments I don’t think I’ll ever forget! Nesting was no unusual activity for me, pregnant or not I’m always rearranging or updating something in the house, but I really enjoyed the planning and purchasing phase for both my kids!! The anticipation as you fold the little onesie you just bought! Or how I Day dreamed about who’d you be as I rocked in the rocking chair daddy just built for tour nursery! How do I say goodbye?

I decided that nursing was something that I was going to fight for with my second! My first was a premeie and we struggled! When Grey was born I had decided I was going to not give up this time! And I’m SO thankful I didn’t!! What an experience! The bond is just that a bond! Something that only he and I shared! It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences and I struggled  when Grey no longer wanted to nurse! How could I say goodbye?

This season of my life has been beautiful! I am thankful that this season is a slow changing one! It will be a slow adjustment for both grey & I! The next two years we will slowly prepare ourselves for the day he goes off to school full time! I know how fast this next season is about to go as I’ve experienced this all before!! & I think that I was in so aware this time!! I know how I will feel, how it will leave me a little empty, but yet excited!! This mommy thing is oh so bittersweet!! 


Backyard Hangs

One thing we love to do as a family is hang out back! Especially this time of year when the weather is warming up and the sun is out later!!! 

We have lived in our home for a little of two years! & little by little we keep working on another room or another project!! We’ve accepted that projects are just part of homeownership & honestly I love it!! 

This summer I plan on finishing up our deck space!!! I have a few larger projects I want to do out here, and those will probably be next years to do list, but for now I added a few new pieces & im loving it! I’ll be sharing all the items & where to buy in a post later this week! 

Last week the weather finally warmed up into the high 70s so it was only appropriate to celebrate with ice cream on the deck!! & I was SO excited to be able to sit in our new space! 

Between target, Home Depot & Walmart! This deck is really starting to come along!! Next up, this random table turned into gardening table:)) 

until then you can find me here, enjoying some ice cream with these cuties💗