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Mads & Greys Birthday BashΒ 

This past weekend we celebrated Grey turning three & Mads almost turning seven! The weather ended up clearing up & the sun even came out! We were surrounded by our family and close friends! We loved having all the kids splash around memes pool & the kids loved taking a wack at the dino piΓ±ata pops graciously held for us πŸ™ˆ all in all it was an awesome party & a great way to celebrate our little with everyone! 













​  β€‹β€‹




​ thank you to all our friends & family for coming and making their day extra awesome πŸ’—

little ones · Motherhood · personal memories

Six Flags | July 11th

What a day! We arrived before the park opened & Somehow we managed juggling these four, sunscreen, life vest, change of clothes, stroller flipping over… two many times to count! Endless bathroom runs & not enough times around the lazy river to reward ourselves! So much fun!


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Strawberry Picking

One of our absolute favorite places to visit is Lyman’s Orchard. We love that it is under ten minutes from our house & they always have a pick your own fruit in season! Today we picked some strawberries and they were seriously so delicious. daddy was able to sneak away for lunch so we made it a family affair . We have SO many strawberries, any favorite recipes we should try?!

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grey & mommy | 6.13.17

Grey loves being outside more then anything. He is very much part wild animal & needs to beable to Rome freeπŸ™ˆ I was working on watering my flowers (one of my favorite summertime chores) when grey came to “help”! 

grey thought he was fast enough to get me….son! I’ll always be faster then you 😜

This is a perfect capture of what happens when Grey realizes I’m going to “win” at whatever thing he’s trying to attempt to do to me! He immediately starts to smooze me.

& I love it all. beautiful days like today make me so incredibly thankful. 

Oh… yeah and he ALMOST got me back with a revenge attack but.πŸ’—β€‹ 

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Super MommyΒ 

Grey has a new love for all things superheros! Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cat girl & his absolute personal favorite SUPERMAN! 

On Saturday mornings Grey, Mads & Daddy all snuggle up in our bed to watch an episode of justice league on Netflix! It’s become a favorite routineπŸ’•

Well, a few days ago Grey started to refer to me as SuperMommy! What a compliment in his sweet little superhero 🌎! But then it made me think… without being boastful, Us moms are real life superheros!! Both seriously & humorously!! Allow me to explain:

Let’s start with the process that makes us a mom!! For some moms your super powers don’t come until the delivery when we face such enormous pain to bring our little one into the world! Or the mother who physically can’t carry her child, what super power strength it takes to accept something so difficult! How about the mother who goes through rounds of ivf and the pain she endures daily to be able to carry her child! Wow!! Just wow!! To all you mothers!! I applaud you on your super natural strength!!

 Whether it is the third day of dry shampoo & another coat of mascara…or quickly doing a “full” face of makeup in the drive through lane!!! Eyebrows included (I wouldn’t suggest that again as I looked a little surprised 😳 for the rest of the day) Or my personal favorite the big sunnies & baseball cap:) We can make ourselves presentable in minutes after spending almost an hour getting everyone else ready! 

If you have toddlers then you can definitely relate to how quick a kiss or a snuggle can fix even the biggest boo boos! I think that is one of my current favorite powers I posses!! Especially when it comes to Grey! He is such a tough little guy & goes a million miles an hour, but when he gets hurt… he’ll wait until I give him a kiss and 9 times out of 10, it’s magically healedπŸ™ŒπŸ»

This super power I am about to share with you is my own fault…but…the ability to make the most delicious meatballs with regular 🍝, chicken fingers with French fries & broccoli steamed, meatballs with no cheese gluten free pasta, steamed spinach and cereal!! All in the matter of a single meal! Or in the other spectrum making the crust out of the pb&j and the gold fish that are left in your purse from last church’s service as the most satisfying lunch ever! πŸ˜‚ moms you know what I mean!! 

Or maybe you posses THE LOOK πŸ‘€!!! It is one of my absolute favorite super powers!!! Unfortunately, this power only works on Mads, but with one single big eye!! Clenched jaw!!! And eyebrows up to the sky!!! Boom πŸ’₯!! Frozen! 

Or how we can switch roles like that! One second your a hairstylist, a chauffeur, a seamstress, dog groomer, chef, dry cleaner, maid, actress, signer, ballerina… you get it!! I LOVE that I am all these things to my kids! What an honor!!! Don’t get me wrong it’s tiring!! But this is such a short season in their little lives!! And I’m going to embrace my super hero selfπŸ’₯

Especially when it makes your little boy SO happy!

πŸ’• n

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Oh, Monday Night…

These warmer evenings before dinner have been spent outside, making me SO excited for summer πŸ™‚  

As soon as chris was done with work for the day we grabbed the kids scooter & bike then walked down the street to Mads’ school! We love the “big kids” playground there & it’s not even a two minute walk!! Such a major perk to living where we do!! 

Mads felt the need to stop & dance just because! Seriously, love her & her cute little carefree self! She is seriously something special πŸ’•

I love seeing their smiling faces! I’m so thankful Chris & I get to be present for these moments! I don’t take these simple family nights for granted! I’m so incredibly grateful for the nights like tonight! I’m going to go to bed completely filled up with all the good stuffπŸ’• 

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


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Loving the Age Difference Between Mads & Grey

I absolutely love watching these two become the best of friends!! It’s so sweet to see them develop such a bond that I pray continues forever! Honestly, this is a realtionship that I had hoped for but wasn’t sure how’d it develop (between the age differnece & the gender differnce) haha I could not have been more wrong!

Mads was a few weeks shy of her fourth birthday when she became a big sister! A role that she took on so gracefully! From day one she has been sweet, attentive but most of all forgiving, little brothers are crazy 😜!!

At the beginning the best part about the age difference was how independent she was, allowing me to focus more on Grey! Now that she is six & Grey is two there are SO many reason why I love the gap!! But my top three are:

Being able to have one on one with grey like I did with mads!

Grey follows in his big sisters foot steps which is not only adorable but extremely helpful at times!!!!

One toddler at a time!!!😜 **Major major respect for all those mamas with multiple toddlers!! You ladies rock!!😘

Toddler ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 yup look at his face!! It’s a good thing he’s so stinkin cute….

What is the age difference between your kids?! Do you love it? Wish you waited? Talk to me friends!!!