Grey turns Three

The years seriously fly once you become a mom! Like wow. My baby is THREE! 

I think one of my favorite things about being s mom is making my own traditions with my kids! Since I was little people always told me I made birthdays a BIG deal! When I first met my husband he called me the birthday bandit, I think it’s because we had only been dating a week or two and his mom & I pulled off a huge surprise party for him! Anyway, my point being that I like making birthdays an all day event! The first tradition is the number balloon to match the age they’re turning! As well as a few balloons blown up in their current favorite color! They LOVE waking up to a room filled with balloons & my husband loves blowing them up 🙈 so it is a win win! (Ha ha sorry babes) 

Another little tradition I started was pancakes with candles for breakfast! Even my hubs looks forward to this! ​


He asked for a real pet dinosaur so my husband found this cute blue one that walks & had a few actions too!! He even came with a bone to play fetch with! Super cute & under $20!!

To say Grey loved his shirt is an understatement! Carters had a few really adorable dinosaur tshirts, so we grabbed two and these comfy yet stylish shorts! His silly personality seriously is the best! His stubbornness on the other hand!!! 

The dinosaur place exceeded our expectations! Grey couldn’t contain his excitement & enthusiasm during our trail with all the dinosaurs. the park had an awesome playground & a fun bounce house as well! However the splash pad was 👌🏻 seriously best one we’ve been too!!

​​​we ended our visit with ice cream because who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day!!The kids feel asleep on the way home, and grey even transferred over to his bed! Which allowed me time to make his birthday cake! He requested a chocolate and dirt cake with dinosaurs, LOTS & LOTS of dinosaurs! So I did my best & think he liked it! 

All in all it was a SUPER fun day filled with nothing short of an adventure for our little boy! 

Grey,You truly completed our family three years ago! You are such a fearless little boy who looks at the world as his own adventure! As much as this characteristic scares me now, I hope you continue to explore this his world in a positive way! Snuggle always, I can not explain our bond in words, but the way we snuggle, the way you always rub my chin with your little hand. Or how you rub my hand with your thumb when we hold hands, seriously I have always done that to you and mads, and having you do it back to me, my wild little boy, seriously melts me. Love you!

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