to the girl who made me a mom

to the girl who made me a mother…

i hope you fall in love with being alive! i hope you always love to pick flowers, read books & understand that life is SO much more then things & others opinions! i hope you feel pursued! I hope you feel loved! I pray you make the best of friends & even get into some innocent fun together!! i hope you take too many pictures and scream your lungs out at the top of roller coasters! I hope you swim in the depths of the ocean and feel the dirt under your fingers when your climbing up a mountain! i pray you know the difference between WISDOM and TEST SCORES! know that you can be ANYTHING that you want to be, but that you will have to work hard to get it! I pray you are the change instead of complaining about the changes needed to be made! I pray you KNOW & love Jesus! And share that knowledge with others! I hope your family is always as important to you as it is now! I hope you eat your fruits and veggies but always indulge in the fries and cake! I pray you treat your body well and respect your reputation! I have SO many hopes & prayers for you! But above all!!! I hope you love yourself! 💕

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