Being your Mom

Mads, my sweet girl! You taught me how to be selfless!! You opened my eyes to a kind of love that is indescribable ! I don’t think you understand how humbling it is when you say you want to be just like me when you grow up! You make me push myself everyday to be better & to work harder at being the the role model you deserve!! Being a mother taught me confidence m! You loved me through all my firsts as a mother, even when I was undeserving! Thank you!Forever my little bestie! 

Grey, my son! God knew I needed you! You son taught me how to chill!!! To embrace the mess, and to not hide the craziness of life!! That life is perfectly IMPERFECT, heads & all! Thank you for your endless kisses! You love snuggling me just as much as I love snuggling you!! I believe that bond is because WE faught so hard to nurse!! An experience ill forever cherish!! 

& to my husband who made me a mother! And works so hard so that being their mom could be my main focus! I love you!

Happiest of Mothers Days to all the amazing mamas in my life 💕& to all the women praying to be a mama, know I’m praying for you too!

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