Our Sundays so far this spring have been so nice!! Besides the warmer temps & sunny skies, our family has started making church more of our focus! 

We have been attending church on Sunday’s since a few months of chris and I dating! So that’s about 9 years now!!! However, in the last few months our church routine is feeling less like a routine & more like a lifestyle!

Our Sunday’s begin with coffee & worship music!! Mads, then goes off with her friends & attends Sunday school! She loves going!! & we love hearing what she has learned, and watching her heart grow for Jesus!! Grey, the little guy who would never leave my side, LOVES & ASKS to go to the nursery and play with his friends!! All while Chris and I can sit quietly and listen!! 

After church we have been going for a little stroll at the local university right near our house!! This has been both fun & beneficial because I’ve been discovering some pretty cool new spots to host photography sessions!!

Check out the location we found yesterday!! I adore all of it!! & the sessions photographed at this spot later on last night are so pretty!! Of course I snapped a few of my three while we were in front of this gorgeous tree! Mads loves to carry her brother on her hip!! It is something she has been proud to do! I am sad that these days are limited as he is clearly getting TOO big to carry! Love, when these to match! My boys 💕 I love watching these two bond & be the wildest of boys together! Of course Mads twirled her dress!! Ever since she could, she would request to wear dresses! She especially loves ones that twirl!! It was such a great way to start our day!! 


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