What a Weekend 

My little boy woke up ready to GO, bright & early Saturday morning! So, I poured myself a cup of coffee & out we went! This time of year, in Connecticut is gorgeous! I love seeing all the color come back after it being all white and grey! There is something so uplifting about the leaves blooming! Making,w me more then happy to be outside at 630! In the morning!! On a Saturday!!!!

I love that Grey picks me flowers! He’s such a thoughtful little guy! He had a blast running around the yard & randomly stopping to give me a snuggle or two…I use to love sleeping in!! I would dread the days I had to wake up before 8!! Now, I really am a morning person! I try to wake up before the kids every day!! Almost always, I’m the first one out of bed & taking Emma out!! I love the quiet mornings alone! I have a cup of coffee hot!!!!! And have a few minutes for just me!! Especially on days like today, when waking up early means outside hangs! 

Around 830 our sleeping beauty woke up & requested to make us breakfast 💕 Mads, loves to bake & loves to please! She’s the sweetest! 

I always have some type of fun breakfast item in the house & this week Grey picked out jumbo cinnamon buns!

I adore Greys face as he watches his big sister make him some breakfast(his third breakfast actually) ! I’m so happy that at six years old Mads knows how to get the proper style baking sheet, spray the pan, and open and place the buns all on her own! She is able to read the instructions & set the oven all on her own! I put the baked goods in the oven but that’s it!! She was SO proud to bring out her tasty treat! &Grey was MORE then happy to try them out 😂We spent the rest of the morning outside playing & working on Mads recycling project for school! Any guesses what she decided to create?!?!Later that afternoon we packed the kids & our goldendoodle Emma up and headed down to my parents house! The kids were very excited for their sleepover with meme & pops! But of course when grey say his matante Kristen he went crazy! That’s his girl!! Chris & I were so thankful to have a night out! It’s so fun to get dressed up, and have a nice sit down dinner!we met up with my sisters & brother in laws and enjoyed a nice dinner outside on Main Street!! We decided to go to one of our favorites, Amicis! They have delicious meals & gluten free pasta! It was so relaxing being able to sit and take our time sipping our drink, while we checked out the menu!! Maybe we enjoyed this too much!! Since we didn’t order our food until over an hour in, making a few boys a little hungry 😋 (sorry brother in laws)! We had an awesome time catching up & laughing SO hard people around us where jealous!! They actually stopped to tell us they wished they were having so much fun 😂! That’s what happens when siblings get together💕

​  Love these sisters of mine & nights out with them SO much💕

Sunday we woke up to a quiet house! It’s part amazing part sad! I so enjoy the alone time with chris & being able to go into Starbucks before church!! But I also love waking up to their little voices & snuggles💗

Chris & I had EXTRA time before church, so we dediced to life on the edge and go IN Starbucks for our coffee ☕️ 


Our hometown, recently put in a drive thru Starbucks!! All the 🙌🏻 !!! 

We ran into the two cutest little crazies I ever did see 😻 !! Loved their big hugs & kisses!! 

We played in the back yard a little before heading to a birthday party for one of mads little friends!

We ended this super eventful weekend! With burgers, snuggles & some Netflix! Like I said friends, what a weekend! 

What did you all do? Did you lay low? Or go on an adventure? I want to hear!! Talk to me friends 


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