Lunch with mads 

This afternoon I joined Mads at her school for lunch! I absolutely LOVE one on one time with each of my kids! 

I was SO excited when I saw her sweet smile!! We sat down at the girls table 😜 and I listened to the girls all chit chat about their day so far!! I can’t even tell you all the details, because I kept finding myself staring at my not so little girl!!! It hit me so hard! Like ball in back of my throat!!! Trying so hard not to cry I chimed into the conversation too! Her little friends are all so sweet & polite! And they adore Mads as much as she adores them!!! 

Monday through Thursday I pack Mads a lunch, however fridays are pizza 🍕 day at school so she loves to buy! 

Watching her get her lunch made me feel so stinkin old! I’m not sure why but I just kept feeling déjà vu!

Lunch together was the perfect way to start off this beautiful weekend!! I’m so excited for some family fun! A date night!!!! & some Session! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend 💕


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