little ones

Oh, Monday Night…

These warmer evenings before dinner have been spent outside, making me SO excited for summer 🙂  

As soon as chris was done with work for the day we grabbed the kids scooter & bike then walked down the street to Mads’ school! We love the “big kids” playground there & it’s not even a two minute walk!! Such a major perk to living where we do!! 

Mads felt the need to stop & dance just because! Seriously, love her & her cute little carefree self! She is seriously something special 💕

I love seeing their smiling faces! I’m so thankful Chris & I get to be present for these moments! I don’t take these simple family nights for granted! I’m so incredibly grateful for the nights like tonight! I’m going to go to bed completely filled up with all the good stuff💕 

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


One thought on “Oh, Monday Night…

  1. Love this soooo much! You will have these amazing memories and detailed moments to look back on when the kids are older. How precious! Enjoy your week as well. 💗


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