I’m in the Toothfairy Business 

& just like that, another tooth is out! 

I’m not sure why, but I’m having a hard time with her loosing all these teeth! And yes, part of it is for some reason teeth freak me out!(I can handle cuts, nasty diapers, puke & even buggers but teeth coming out…. nope sorry!!!)But it’s the fact that she is loosing her baby teeth!

Those baby teeth, the ones that we eagerly waited to pop up in her cute little gummy smile! Those same teeth are now falling out!!! Craziness I tell you!!! 

It’s funny how something so simple as loosing a tooth stirs up SO much thought & emotion once you become a mama!! This morning I was heavy hearted looking at my little girl with her gapped tooth smile, but super thankful that there are still a few more teeth to loose before this milestone is another distant memory!

Anyway!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Busy one for us, but excited to have a special visitor stop by tonight to take a tooth & leave her a little loot! 😂 (see what I did there) I crack myself up..


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