April Break, Thanks for Being Awesome 

Um?! How is the title past tense already?! Wasn’t I just planning some fun outings for my little first grade spring breaker?!?! Wait! Don’t like that… rewrite!!! Wasn’t I just planning some fun outings for my little first grade April Breaker?! (Better right?!)

We spent the weekend celebrating my great grandmothers 90th birthday in Woonsocket RI! (More to come on this amazing event)

Monday was a day of catching up with family who were visiting out of state for the party! We played go fish, which is Mads personal favorite these days!! & super easy for Grey to join along!!


Tuesday was our BIG outing for the week!! In February my friend & I decided it would be fun to surprise the kids with season passes to Six Flags New England! It’s a quick 35 minute drive from our house(which allowed for grey to get a quick 🐱 nap)!!

My friend, Kristen & her adorable littles get along so well with my two!! So it made for a super easy trip!! & two of my sisters came as well!! Which allowed Mads to ride on even more rides(which she loved since she is fearless)! We are so excited to visit the amusement park again! Think May is a good month to go 😉

The rest of the week was a blur! Between multiple park visits!! & Lots of sandbox digging!!

A trip to the mall to get sissy a new pair of Natives from Nordstroms! Which meant they each got a balloon 🎈… major perk in the kids world! & a BIG thank you to Nordis for the awesome coloring section in the shoe department!!

Followed by a yummy dinner at Greys favorite… Red Robin! Let me say, this restaurant is super kid friendly & for someone like me who is gluten free & dairy free they have a few tasty options which makes going out to eat SO much easier!!! 

We ended our weekend with a trip to Home Depot to add a few touches of spring before we hosted Easter Brunch 🐰💐 and picked up some fresh sand for the kids sandbox!! 

I’d say it was an awesome April Break for my girl! & Grey seemed to have enjoyed the fun filled week as well!!


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