Opps… I forgot to Introduce Myself 

see.. newbie over here!! As soon as I hit publish the site prompted me to have my first post be about me so my readers know who I am so….


Hi, I’m Nikki! I have been with my husband for almost 9 years & we have a little girl madison (mads 6) and our little boy Greyson (grey 2)! These three are my world! I have been fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with both of our kids!! I have so loved this and still do, since grey is only two and I have a few more years home with him! I absolutely love being a mom! It’s the best and hardest job in the whole world! Some days we barely make it through! Other days I’m all like, yeah I got this!! Then the next day starts;)… mamas, you know what I mean!!

I am excited to have a place to document our every day with pictures, which I love taking (so much so I have a part time photography business) and my thoughts (since I love talking SO much)!!

I am far from interesting… and honestly I’m kind of dorky (even though I tell my kids I’m cool)! But I hope you all follow along on this new adventure with me & my crazies!

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